399 Yuan Equipped With FPV ELF Mini Drone, Want To Open The Market By Cost

In 2016, it seems that many industries have been wearing caps for the first year, such as VRs such as drones. At one point, the Zano drone, which had a record of 3.4 million U.S. dollars for European projects on Kickstarter was created. Although it collapsed, it proved the value of this market.

A recently named ELF mini drone was recently raised in JD. The volume was 194mmx182mmx36mm. The lens of iphone5 was used to control the remote via Bluetooth. The control distance was 30m, the limit distance was 50m, and the weight was 100g, but in this 100g body It is equipped with a single-handed experience remote control, virtual reality eye FPV, aerial self-timer video, real-time smooth return video, one-click sharing circle of friends, air pressure hovering and higher functions.

At present, there are two types of fixed heights for mini-drones: air pressure setting and ultrasonic wave height setting. Many aerial drones are equipped with mutual assistance work, but mini-drones cannot be carried due to limitations of volume and weight. Ultrasonic Measurement Although Accurate, but bulky and small test distance is usually concentrated within 10m; ELF mini drone adopts the method of setting the air pressure, adopts high-precision air pressure chip and algorithm optimization, and controls the hover auto-stabilization to 10cm.

ELF is also equipped with an FPV device that connects to the ELF wifi hotspot via the ELF app to see real-time feedback. Currently supports 640*480 image quality real-time return, the delay is less than 200ms. ELF currently supports one-person remote control for FPV, and up to three simultaneous WiFi access experience FPV.

As with all mini drones, battery life is weak. It takes only eight minutes to charge one hour, but according to the person in charge of the ELF, his team is testing fast-charge technology that can reduce the charge time to 1 hour, and strive to finish it before the end of crowdfunding.

At present, the air intake of drones has been popularized by the market, but professional aerial drones have always been the opportunity for most people to stop prices and professional difficulties. Although the professional-grade mini drones are more easily popularized in terms of price, their performance, endurance, and toy-like properties have all become a constraint to their development.

ELF is an internal entrepreneurial project from the Shenzhen innovation team ElecFreaks. It has independently researched and developed for two years and invested more than 2 million. It has successively raised funds in the US indiegogo and China Jingdong. Currently, it is the VC that needs global channel resources to help ELF’s rapid promotion. And accelerate iterations.