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399 Yuan Equipped With FPV ELF Mini Drone, Want To Open The Market By Cost

In 2016, it seems that many industries have been wearing caps for the first year, such as VRs such as drones. At one point, the Zano drone, which had a record of 3.4 million U.S. dollars for European projects on Kickstarter was created. Although it collapsed, it proved the value of this market. A recently […]

Too Long Charge Time Of Toy Car Leads To Skin Melting

This matter can be knocked on the blackboard, so that everyone takes notice! On March 6, Dong Lulu, who lives in the Qi Family District of Qibin District, told reporters that she had forgotten the time when she charged her child’s toy car. When she found out, the outer skin of the toy car had […]

UAV Wireless Charging Technology Can Be Charged In The Future

October 24 news, drone life ability to become the key to technology, all drones currently on the market need to be stopped when the drone stops charging. Recently, the British Imperial College released a new research result that can use wireless charging technology to recharge drones. Wireless charging technology is not uncommon, but most of […]