Too Long Charge Time Of Toy Car Leads To Skin Melting

This matter can be knocked on the blackboard, so that everyone takes notice! On March 6, Dong Lulu, who lives in the Qi Family District of Qibin District, told reporters that she had forgotten the time when she charged her child’s toy car. When she found out, the outer skin of the toy car had already melted and the battery was already bulging.” If the time is longer, it is estimated that there will be an explosion. Think about it later! Charging this thing, you can’t plug it in! “Tuo Lulu said.


The reporters rushed to the scene and saw that Dong Lulu had said that the battery of the toy car was already bulging. The black plastic outer skin had been coke-melted and cracked to reveal the internal battery. “The new toy car was bought once, because I was careless and I couldn’t open it again.” Dong Lulu said that when the toy car was turned on, the toy car could not move.

Subsequently, Dong Lulu took out the toy car’s packaging box, which had the words “The battery was too long to explode and dangerous!” but there was no mention of the rules and methods for using the rechargeable battery. “I only know that the charging time is too long. It is not good, but in the end how long it should be charged, how to operate safely, I also do not understand.” Dong Lulu said.

According to the contact information on the packing box, Dong Lulu contacted the manufacturer and a factory worker explained that “Remote control toy cars are generally charged for 8 hours and try not to exceed 12 hours, which will affect the battery life.” As for Dong Lulu The problem, the staff explained, can be purchased as a battery replacement. “We will also send questions back to the head office and add relevant text reminders and instructions to future production,” said the staff member.

In addition, the staff also reminded parents to buy electric toys, if the business is equipped with batteries, to understand the specific time required for clear charging, charging adult supervision, “If you are afraid of forgetting the charging time, you can use mobile phones, alarm clocks and other regular reminders, In this way, you can avoid charging for too long, damage the battery or bury hidden dangers,” said the staff member.