Our Introduction

Our Application Aspect

Since its establishment in 2005, Shenzhen Yong Hang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (EV-PEAK)has been determined to become the world’s leading supplier of fast and intelligent charging management system, with products exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Our products are widely used in model airplanes, drones, electric vehicles, robots and other fields.

Our History

17 years of development process, we keep moving forward.

17 years of development process, we keep moving forward.

  • 2006(5S&6S 50W Charger)
  • 2007(Voltage measuring instrument;13.8V/12A Power Supply;6S AC/DC Charger)
  • 2008(6S 80W Charger;6S 200W Charger)
  • 2009(4×50W 6S Charger;250W Charger)
  • 2010(2×80W Charger; 500W Power Supply;4-in-1 Measuring Instrument)
  • 2011(2×100W AC Charger;6S 1000W Charger)
  • 2012(8S-1000W Touch Screen Charger;4×100W Charger;1200W Power Supply;120A-ESC)
  • 2013(2×500W Charger;BMS;Intelligent Battery)
  • 2014(1350W Charger;1360W Battery;2×300W Color Touch Screen)
  • 2015(Professional Fast Charger;Drone Charging Management System; Portable Power Supply System)
  • 2016(2×500W Colorful Touch Screen Charger;12S Lipo Balance Charger;FPV Intelligent Charger;UAV Intelligent Charger)Our Core Value

Our Core Value





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