Our Products&Strength

What We Do

  • Intelligent Charging System:  Intelligent  balance charging management system, applicable to RC hobbies, power tools, airsoft guns, robots, medical equipment, drones for aerial photography, surveying, pesticide spraying,  fire-fighting, etc.
  • Battery Management System:  Battery management system, applicable to electronic vehicles, sweeping robots, drones, energy storage devices, etc.
  • Power Supply:  High-efficiency high rate power supply, applicable to drones, outdoor sports, portable emergency power units, etc.

Our Strength

High-quality products. Strong business level. More than 17 years of working experience.

With over 17 years of experience in supplying balance chargers, BMS, and power supply to clients across the world, we have our own manufacturing  base & have formed an integrated industrial chain on production, starting from mold-opening to assembling of end products.

Our Corporate Mission

We always adhere to the integrity of the standard, stable operation, innovation, and excellence, and win-win cooperation concept. Our vision is to bring good quality and cheap products to every consumer, to build a first-class enterprise that can win the favor of consumers, and to build a first-class brand that can lead China to the global world.

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