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Extend Battery Life —— 4 Tips You Must Know !

1. Charge the battery after finishing the battery capacity.

If used properly, nickel-cadmium batteries can be used hundreds of times, but proper management is the key to maintaining its performance. First of all, it is important to charge the battery after use. Repeated charging and using half of the battery will gradually cause the battery voltage to drop faster, and even after charging, you can’t drive satisfactorily (this is called the memory effect). The basic way to prevent this is to stop driving and charge after a while, because the remote control car ‘s running speed drops sharply when the battery is consumed to a certain extent. If you want to better extend the life of the battery, you can choose to moderately discharge after using the battery, and wait for the battery to stabilize internally before charging, so as to keep the battery in a better condition.


2.Do not charge and discharge the battery for a short period of time.

Continuous use will shorten the battery life of nickel-cadmium battery life will be affected in repeated and rapid use, reduce the battery service life. Reuse in a very short time, if the battery power is used up and charged immediately after driving, this practice may damage the battery. If you need to practice on the track all day, you may have to charge the battery on site, but in the sense of extending the battery life, it is best to avoid making multiple uses in a day.


3.Choose the adequate charger for your battery.

Battery Chargers There are two types of chargers used to drive the battery: an AC using a home socket and a DC using a 12V car battery as a power source. Sometimes the battery comes with a standard charger, but the time it takes to charge with this charger is quite long, so if you really want to enjoy an electric remote control car, we recommend using a quick charger. The charging time of a fast charger depends on the battery capacity.


4.Be sure to compare the battery model carefully when buying the charger.

The compatible battery varies depending on the charger model, such as supporting only Ni-Cd or Ni-Cd & Ni-MH compatibility. When purchasing a charger, be sure to check the battery that the charger can match.

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