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Scientific article about RC

  1.Definition of RC The RC is short for Remote control or Radio control, which translates to: remote-controlled or radio-controlled. The scope of RC involvement is very broad. The RC Car looks very similar to the remote control car that kids play with, but it’s actually two things. Toy remote control car speed is slow, […]

Scientific article about FPV

Since ancient times, human beings have an infinite yearning for the sky. FPV allows people to see the grandeur and beauty of the sky immediately while standing on the earth. The viewing and use of FPV are very interesting, and the stimulation brought by high speed often makes people feel excited. The components of FPV […]

Scientific article about Agricultural

Application of Drone Technology in Crop Fertilization 1.Introduction An industry of value, Agriculture sets the livelihood of 65% of the population of India, directly or indirectly. Heightening this growth factor has become ever-so-crucial to generate more revenue, income, and employment. The dynamic and speedy nature of technology brings convenience and advancement to its applied industries. […]

Scientific article about Battery&Charger

Extend Battery Life —— 4 Tips You Must Know ! 1. Charge the battery after finishing the battery capacity. If used properly, nickel-cadmium batteries can be used hundreds of times, but proper management is the key to maintaining its performance. First of all, it is important to charge the battery after use. Repeated charging and […]