Scientific article about RC


1.Definition of RC

The RC is short for Remote control or Radio control, which translates to: remote-controlled or radio-controlled. The scope of RC involvement is very broad.

The RC Car looks very similar to the remote control car that kids play with, but it’s actually two things. Toy remote control car speed is slow, the cost is also relatively cheap, and RC can be said to be a reduced version of high-speed racing car, the main characteristics are fast speed, high price, in foreign countries is a kind of sports, characterized by racing type of racing car. Although the body size is reduced in proportion to the actual car, the actual performance is not reduced. The application scenery is for racing champion. Because of the RC reason, the user needs to have a certain ability to replace parts.


2.Classification of RC Car

According to the different engine can be divided into electric remote control car and oil moving remote control car.

According to the different scene of use, it can be divided into flat running, off-road, big foot, racing truck, climbing, etc.

Big foot: it means a car with very large tires.

Short card: changed by the trophy truck in baja1000 events as the prototype, the chassis structure generally adopts two different structural models: front and rear straight bridge and front and rear independent suspension.

Climbing: Usually crossing obstacles or climbing for cool results, climbing cars as a power player usually use large distances and low speeds, but this does not affect its speed.

Classification by proportion

It can be divided into 1:16, 1:14, 1:12, 1:10, 1:8, 1:5


3.Complete composition system of RC

A complete RC system requires a frame, remote control system, power and steering system. The remote control system consists of the remote control and the receiver. The current mainstream remote control technology is 2.4G frequency band, the remote control system is a cost of a large part of the whole equipment.

The power system consists of a power battery, a motor and an electric adjustment. A motor is a motor driven by electric power. Professional RC remote control car body components are less than 50, more than hundreds, the body design also has more professional, each car has a complete modified parts market.


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