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Since ancient times, human beings have an infinite yearning for the sky. FPV allows people to see the grandeur and beauty of the sky immediately while standing on the earth. The viewing and use of FPV are very interesting, and the stimulation brought by high speed often makes people feel excited.

The components of FPV are complex for novice, but today let’s introduce it briefly in the simplest language.Let’s begin!



The FPV frame is a very important part of the aircraft, all the components will be formed above it, the frame should always maintain a light weight, too heavy model is stable but may lead to poor flight. The frame needs to be kept light weight, firm, and highly rigid. For the body material will usually choose plastic and carbon fiber, and the carbon fiber frame is always the optimal option. The following elements should be considered while selecting the framework:

  • Frame shape: There are several different frame shapes available, such as X design, H design, hybrid X, box shape, etc. Each of them has a different performance statistics. For example, the X frame is perfect for FPV racing, while the H frame is better for freestyle flight
  • Frame dimensions: The frame sizes range from 90 mm to over 280 mm. Therefore, it is important to choose the right sized frame because it affects the weight and performance of the UAV.
  • Component spacing: It is important to check the frame for sufficient spacing for supports, flight controllers, camera supports, etc




The full name of ESC is electronic speed controller, also known as ESC, the role of ESC is mainly to control the machine start-stop and speed some ESC can be used to power the receiver. For different motors, ESCs are classified as brush ESCs and brushless ESCs. A brush ESC is simply a DC output, while a brushless ESC is to convert DC power to AC power, the input of ESC is DC, can be connected to regulated power supply or lithium battery.

Matching principle: the output current of ESC must be greater than the output current of the motor, and the output current of the battery should be greater than the output current of the motor.



3.Flying control

Flight control is a control system that can stabilize the posture of the FPV aircraft and control the semi-automatic flight or fully automatic flight of the FPV. Flight control can be seen as the brain of the drone. It sends signals to the motor to run in a specific manner. The FC contains algorithms executed thousands of times per second to keep your drone in the air. They also have sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. There are multiple options for flight controllers. A flight controller with a built-in PDB (distribution board). FC with an integrated PDB are better because they minimize the wiring and welding required.




Having a high-quality motor can play an important role. The motor rotates the propeller and generates thrust for the drone to fly. You will need four brushless outer rotor motors to build the FPV racing drone.

Motors are divided into two categories: high stator and wide stator. The stator of the motor is the shell of 14 permanent magnets containing the motor. Simply put, the higher the stator, the higher the speed is. The wider the stator, the greater the torque that is generated. Therefore, high stator motors is an ideal choice for racing drones. Brushless motor is the use of semiconductor switching devices to achieve electronic steering, the commonly used motor is 2204 2300KV motor,the first two number are the stator outer diameter(mm), the last two are the stator height(mm)The larger the outer diameter and height of the stator, the higher the power of the stator and, at the same time, the heavier it will be. 2300 means the speed at 1V, each increase of 1 rpm increases 2300 rpm



5. Screw propeller

Most propellers today are made of polycarbonate plastic. This makes them very durable. You can see many sizes of propellers on the market, such as 7045,8045,9045,1045, etc. The last two numbers represent the pitch of the propeller, and the first two represent the diameter of the propeller. Take 7045 as an example, 45 means the pitch of this propeller is 4.5 inches, 70 means the diameter size of this propeller is 7.0 inches.



6.Picture transfer

Picture transfer is divided into analog and digital picture transfer. Analog picture transmission is the source and channel processing of analog image signals that vary continuously in time and amplitude.

Digital picture transmission means that the digitized image signal is encoded by the information source and channel, and transmitted through microwave, optical fiber, etc.



Battery S Number:FPV is usually connected by several independent cells in series, 3S means that the battery is connected by 3 cells in parallel together. Different crossing machines need different S number of batteries

mAh:Means the battery capacity.

Battery C number: indicates the discharge rate of the battery, when you need more power, you need to choose a larger C number of the battery. Take 1500 mAh 4s battery as an example, then the total voltage of the battery pack at this time is 4 x 3.7 = 14.8 (standard voltage)

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